by Ned Stoller Ned Stoller

Blooming daffodils with a rake pulling away brown leaves.

If you are anything like me, then a lot of the yard clean up was left last fall and needs to get done now! I look outside and I see fallen branches, blown in garbage, a lot of gravel thrown up in the lawn from snowplows, gutters full of leaves, and leaves that were blown into my yard after I raked last fall, not to mention a few toys and such the kids left outside in the snow and are now exposed with the snow gone. Spring clean up can be a pain, but there are lots of things that can make the job easier for all of us.
Here are Seven Tools that can make your spring yard clean up easier!

 Pressure Washer1.  Pressure Washer. These are very handy to wash up the outside of your house, blast off the deck, and clean out the gutters. Used to be you only had the washer and the wand to use for your washer. Nowadays there are lots of attachments that can be used – from the wand extender to the gutter cleaner, the water broom, the wall surface cleaner, and the rotary brush. There are also very nice support belts which can take the weight of the wand off of your shoulders and arms. 

2. Yard carts. Lots of options here. There are the simple two wheeled cart, push carts, a garden cart, and a Yard Cartdump cart. No need to drag around that garbage bag or use a wheelbarrow which likes to tip! Work smart. Use of a push cart or pull cart with two wheels can make the job easier and safer. Carts are designed now to balance the weight easier without you carrying a good portion of it! 

Linear actuator at work3.Linear ActuatorThis handy item will enable you to dump a utility vehicle cargo box or tilt a trailer bed for loading.  Works great for lawn and garden applications since there is no need for a hydraulic system on your tractor. 


4.  Oil change tank. It is time (hopefully) to put away that snow blower. It is always advisable to change the oil and drain the gas tank before you put it away for the winter – that way when that first snowfall comes you won’t be kicking yourself that you didn’t do it before! 

5.   ATV Loader bucket. Have an ATV? Use of a loader bucket to carry around lots of stuff that would require a cart. Bonus of having dump capability as well. 

6. Tailgate steps. There are lots of options of tailgate steps for your pickup truck. If you have one, you will be throwing junk into it as you clean up your yard or garden. A tailgate step will make the job much easier by allowing access to the bed of your truck without climbing on the tailgate the old fashioned way! Truck n Buddy, Bed Step, and the Pull out Tailgate step are all great options. 

7.  Suspension seat  Starting to use that lawn tractor?  If you have a lawn tractor (or bigger!), make your time on it more ATV_backrestcomfortable by using a suspension seat for the tractor. 

8.   ATV Backrest Have an ATV?  Use of a backrest can make riding it much more comfortable. 

9.  Pole saw. Broken limbs that need trimming? Use a pole saw for a safer way of accomplishing the task, rather than using a ladder. Use the Easy Lift Harness to make it even easier! 

10.  Grabber Tongs  These are great for grabbing objects without getting of of your lawn tractor.