by Ned Stoller Ned Stoller

Remember how we talked about the Easy Lift Harness back a few months ago? Perhaps you didn’t catch it as it wasn’t something you had a need for. Well, spring is just around the corner now and the whole country will finally hit warmer months. Whether you are a professional landscaper, tree trimmer, groundskeeper, or even just someone who has a decent amount of trimming to do, it’s time to start thinking about pulling out that equipment to make sure it is in good working order.
Well, if you are one of those mentioned above and you have some sort of limiting disability or injury, why not look into something to make your job easier, or even possible?

Let’s look at common shoulder problems. Perhaps you have one of these:

Frozen Shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)
Rotator cuff syndrome (bursitis)
Rotator cuff tear
Seperated shoulder
Rheumatoid arthritis
Fracture of humerus, scapula or clavicle.

Some of these are chronic problems, some are injuries. Some can be repaired with surgery, some can’t. Regardless of which category you are in, it means your shoulder HURTS or you CAN”T use it the way you need! One of our missions here at DWT is to provide adaptive tools or assistive technology. A very simple solution to ease your job when you have a shoulder ailment is the use of the Easy Lift Harness.

This harness can shift the weight off of your shoulders and place it on your hips. You still might need those arms up for some jobs, but they won’t be carrying the weight of a heavy pole saw or hedge trimmer. For that matter, if you have a lot of weed trimming to do it can carry that weight as well!
So many of us have worked through pain because of an injury or sickness. Well, this might be the ticket for you as you don’t want to or can’t stop doing your job. The harness is an assistive tool that can allow your injury to heal or allow you to work with the energy normally required to hold up a tool we mentioned above.

Don’t let the focus of this blog on shoulder injuries or disease throw you off. If you have any number of injuries or disabilities this assistive tool will help you. Easy Lift Harness
Back Injury
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscular Dystrophy
Multiple Sclerosis
Strength & Endurance, Respiratory

I also think that once you have the harness, you will be glad you have it, even after your injury has healed! The Easy Lift Harness is the sort of tool that extends your working life!