by dwconsul dwconsul

Workshop Wonders: …Tools that help us in the workshop 

Second half of February! Winter is on the downhill slide for the northern half of the country – or for anyone in the northern hemisphere.  For our southern neighbors (as in the southern hemisphere!) your summer is sliding towards fall.

A lot of us take this time to prepare for the upcoming spring season, whether we are repairing equipment from the use of last season, or getting it ready for this season.  Even if your workshop doesn’t depend on the outside seasons, then you are probably still in it!

If you are disabled or in some way limited in function, a “normal” workshop may present certain challenges that you can remove.  Let’s look at some tools that can help you in your shop. 

Lift Creeper1.The lift creeper:  this tool can do wonders for someone who has leg impairments and find it is difficult to get up and down.  The lift creeper can raise and lower you from a normal seated position to one low to the ground for those tasks which require you to be down there!  The wheels allow you to scoot around just like a regular creeper.

2. The sit/stand stool:  This can also do wonders for someone who has difficulty standing for extended periods of time but who needs to be in the standing position for their work.  The sit/stand stool allows you to be supported in an almost upright position, helping take weight off of your legs while still being able to work. 

3.  Foldable Topside Creeper:  Spending lots of time leaning over an engine compartment?  This topside creeper can make your task immensely easier on your body, whether you have a bad neck, back, or legs, or you just get tired of bending over all the time.  The creeper is cushioned as well to allow for maximum comfort. 

 4.  Magnetic ground clamp:  This may seem like it may be unneccessary for most welders who are used to the regular hand welding clamp, but if you have hand or forearm disabilities which affect your gripping strength it can be a lifesaver (or handsaver).


 5.  The tall oil drain pan:  Easily move your oil waste around using this.  If you have difficulty using a normal waste oil pan, this could make your job easier. 

6.  Engine oil changer:  Doing some oil changing this off season?  Whether it is lawnmower or a large tractor, this makes the job simpler by sucking the oil from the dipstick and draining into a sealed container.  There are two sizes; for small engine equipment, or larger engines.

7.  Cordless grease gun:If you’ve got a lot of equipment to grease up for the upcoming planting season a cordless grease gun can not only speed up the process, it can make it easier on your hands, arms, and shoulders.

8. Cord Reel:  Again, something that may seem simple but can certainly help in a workshop.  Being able to neatly retract your electrical cord quickly and effortlessly can not only make it easier on your body, it can keep your workshop clutter free!

Cord and hose reels keep walkways in the shop free of clutter9. Air hose Reel:  Same as #8 except for an air hose!  I need to follow my own advice here – I’ve got the same old air hose that I have to try and roll up and hang off of a chain! 

10. Magnetic pickup tool: A little different than the standard magnetic pickup for your shop.  Clean up the nails and screws that are spilled easily, without having to scrape them off of the standard magnet! 

Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ll take whatever help you can get in the workshop.  I have to be very careful with my energy reserves – which are limited at best – and I always welcome whatever help I can get.  These tools and many others can probably help you as well in your workshop!  If you have any other tool ideas or your own homemade “workshop wonders” please share them with us by commenting below!