by Ned Stoller Ned Stoller

A disabling injury can change what is the best way to earn money on a farm.  Here are 100 ways to adapt a farm business thFarming with a disabilityat could be more accessible to a worker after a disabling injury or illness.  You don’t have to quit the farm…just do it different!  At Disability Work Tools, we have a whole host of ideas how to help you adapt tools and equipment to help you keep working your dream job on the farm.


ag equipment sales & custom marketing
ag tourism…corn maze, pumpkins, fall decor
archery range/shooting range
bait worms/insects
bed & breakfast
berry farming
calf raising
cashmere goats, angora rabbits, geese for down
cattle buyer for butcher or slaughter house
Christmas trees
corn shocks, small straw bales, fall décor
cow/calf operation
craft gourds
CSA – garden and livestock sold on shares
custom composting
custom farming…tillage, baling straw, drilling wheat, etc…
custom gardening for other people at their homes
custom heifer raising
dried peppers
dry beans marketing and sales
ear corn, beets, carrots for deer/squirrel bait/feed
eggs and meat chicken sales
egg grading for other growers
farm accounting records
farm supply sales…seed, chemicals, fertilizer
farm equipment assembly for local implement dealer
farm weekend farm experience for city folks
feed, seed, fertilizer, farm supply sales
fertilized chicken egg/incubator school loan program
field rocks for sale and rock gardens
firewood processing and sales
flour mill- whole wheat, rye, barley, rice
flowers- dried, cut flowers, potted flowers, greenhouses
freezer beef
freezer pork
fruit sales
fur farming/tanning hides
game ranch/hunting preserve
goat milk shares, cow milk shares
government program specialist
grain sales/marketing
grafting/plant propagation & sales
harness making and sales
hay sales/broker
herbs and spices, dried
heritage turkeys
honey bees
horse boarding (for a fee)
hunting feed plots installation, game management consulting
Indian corn
insects for collectors
iron working
lab animals
lamb sales
land clearing (fence rows, brush, etc…)
lawn care
lawn furniture/ woodworking
laying hen sales
livestock transporter
manure/compost marketing
maple syrup and maple sugar sales
meat goats
meat marketing for local farms who raise freezer beef or pork
meat processing/butcher
meat rabbits
nutrient management and record keeping
pasture-based livestock farm
pet sitting
pigeons for squab
pigs – feeders for sale 
political animal rentals/animal training
popcorn on the cob
marketing produce– farm market, internet, mail order, farm stand
raise game birds for hunt clubs
research field trials or research test plots
rodent control
sawmill – portable
sign painting
show fitting/grooming/custom show animals
sleigh/buggy rides
soil sampling for a local co-op (could be done from a 4-wheeler)
specialty livestock…reindeer, llama, etc…
start garden plants
storage in barns (lawnmowers, boats, campers)
Texas mounts
tree nursery/propagation
upick garden or fruit
value added products-jams, jelly, dried fruit, etc…
wild rice
wood processing/milling – trim, moulding, tongue & groove
wool products and sales
yogurt, dairy processing