by Ned Stoller Ned Stoller

A cute American foxhound in the snow.I take my American foxhound, Dude, for a hike through the fields or woods most mornings before work and pray while I walk. 

-Sometimes I let him off his leash, and he runs wildly to and fro, then eventually starts chewing on my sap collection tubing in the woods, foiling my good plans and efforts.

-Sometimes on the leash he lags behind and I have to keep lugging him along.

-Sometimes he pulls forward so hard that his collar chokes him.

-Sometimes he pulls to the side, gets his rope wrapped up in trees and cannot move another foot.

-Sometimes I put him on a really short leash so he won’t get tangled or choke himself, and he still pulls trying to go after some other unseen attraction.

-Often I make him stop so I can loosen his collar, he sits contentedly letting me scratch his ears and neck and listens to my speaking.

-But then he’s off again, immediately forgetting the pleasantness of a loose collar and closeness to me, surging ahead for that mysterious quarry.

-Sometimes he comes back to me and waits to have his collar loosened.

-Sometimes we see a coyote and he frantically jerks to chase it, although it can easily turn on him and kill him if I would allow it.

-Once in a very, very great while he contentedly trots along beside me at the same pace, in the same direction.

-I always lead him back to his warm, dry kennel with fresh water and food. 

Many days the Lord teaches me about my own walk with Him as I observe Dude on the end of his leash.  When I am willing to trot along peacefully by God’s side walking in His ways, then He speaks to me, guides me, coddles me and I can hear His voice.  When I am intent on my own prideful desires (many which could be deadly), then He lovingly pulls me back and restricts me until I once again realize my complete need for Him.  In the Bible, James says “Be patient, establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord draws nigh.”

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