by Ned Stoller Ned Stoller

Custom Assistive Technology is an idea built to your specifications for YOU!  Not everything can be purchased off the shelf.  For many workers, the exact assistive technology needed for their job can only be found in an engineer’s brain.  It is nice when we can open a catalog and see exactly what we need on page 3.  It is even better when we can enter a store and see exactly what we need in aisle 2 and then go try it out before buying it.

What does a worker with a disability do if there is not an assistive technology store for him to visit?  Or what is his plan if there is no product designed and for sale that could raise and lower him from the shop floor?  What does a chef do who needs a rolling stool in the kitchen that can be powered up or down for different work stations?

This is where Disability Work Tools can shine.  We have seen so many work sites and different situations, that we can take design ideas from an industrial setting and apply them to a worker in the landscaping field.  Or concepts from the arborist industry and apply them to solutions for a mechanic.  With our experience, we can create viable custom assistive technology solutions for most situations.

We start with a phone consultation with the customer, then draft a design concept, and finally provide a cost of production for them to consider. Once everyone is satisfied with the design plan, the customer can purchase the Custom Assistive Technology for the agreed on price, and we’ll produce it and deliver to the workplace door.  Follow up conversations make sure the assistive technology is accomplishing its necessary purposes.