by Ned Stoller Ned Stoller

You have options.

You never expected your life activities to be so limited by injury, illness, aging – constant pain.  You might feel trapped.  You might feel like you can’t do anything.  You might think that your future is now a closed door.  Your mind might feel like a foggy cloud without a thought of what could be.

You have options.  Start with the simple.  If it is too complicated, you might never try it.  Move from the cloud of reality to the star of ideas!  This might seem like ‘pie in the sky’, but it is the step between the fog and the plan. 

  • List the activities that you have always enjoyed doing.   You may not see how you can do Cloudy fog of reality in front of a star of ideas what could be in front of a plan of what to go do.those things, but go ahead and list them.
  • List the parts of that activity which you can already do with your abilities.  Focus on the parts you can do!
  • Think about specialized tools of the trade that will help you accomplish more of the activity using your current abilities. Maybe those fancy gizmos and gadgets had not been necessary before, but now they are your ticket to action!
  • Remember, there are more assistive technologies that you can use to multiply your abilities!  Search the hands-on activity you want to do.

These are some of your options, but not all of your options.  You have more options.  Stay tuned for the next blog for more plans…