by Ned Stoller Ned Stoller

Preparing equipment for planting is in full swing in some parts of the country, and planting is going on in many other states.  Let’s take a look at a piece of equipment than can make your job much easier if you have any of these impairments:

Visual impairment – It can be used effectively by workers with one eye.

Injured back or stiff neck – use it to see behind the cab without twisting your back.

Knee or hip arthritis, paralysis and mobility impairments – use it instead of climbing.

A different perspective on working with visual impairments can help you keep working. Use a CabCam if you have one eye which limits your depth perception.  If you need good depth perception to align pin holes when hitching equipment, swap loaders or stack logs then a CabCam can help you. Mount the camera to point at the side of your line of vision.  You can look straight back from the cab with your good eye, and watch the CabCam monitor to get the side view.  You can know exactly when to drop your load or when to stop the tractor so the hitch pin lines up right.


A CabCam will help you straighten up your back too if cranking around in the cab to watch behind is painful or impossible.  It gives the farmer a clear view of tractor-pulled implements during field operation.  When doing field work, farmers must constantly be looking behind the tractor to observe the implement and make sure it is functioning properly.  It stresses the farmer’s neck and back for hours at a time.  The camera would observe the implement and the image would be displayed on a small screen near the tractor steering wheel.  A system with two cameras may be necessary because of the wide field of vision needed during some tasks such as cutting hay with a swing-arm haybine.  The cameras and monitor should be installed so as to be easily removed and placed in other tractors if needed.

If you need to climb anywhere on the worksite to monitor or watch something, use the CabCam instead.  Watch bins of wood shavings or bulk materials fill up, line up augers with grain bins exactly right without climbing to check, hitch up trailers, watch the dump box on your truck…you name it.  The uses for these versatile camera/monitor systems are endless.  You stay put and let the camera do the watching.  Save your knees and hips from the stress of climbing, or if you can’t climb at all, see what you need to from ground level.


Contact us at Disability Work Tools between April 17 and May 17 2013 and tell us how the CabCam will help you keep working in spite of a injury or illness, and we’ll give you FREE SHIPPING of the CabCam Observation Camera kit.