by Ned Stoller Ned Stoller

Spring again.  Renewal.  Winter is going away, washed away by rains.  Farmers are looking out at their fields, debating how soon they can get out and start working.  Long hours spent in the cab.  Bouncing up and down over all sorts of terrain.

Do you remember the old tractor seats?  Maybe you still have one.  They certainly weren’t built for comfort.  I remember driving an old David Brown tractor, sitting on old feed sacks for cushioning, the original foam seat long gone.  Now, I was just a teenager then, so I could handle it no problem.  But as time goes on, do you really like sitting in those old seats?  Even in a more modern tractor or lawn mower, the seats still aren’t really  built for long term comfort.  Only in the last ten years or so have the seats actually begun to catch up with other technology.

Well, lots of us still have tractors older than ten years.  The seats, even if they were marginal to ok when new, have long since lost their original suspension and cushioning.  Whether you are a full time farmer or part time backyard lawn owner, a person who is struggling with back ailments or a healthy person, long hours spent in the cab or seat of a tractor of any size can be very tiring.

A good seat can alleviate a lot of the pain and fatigue that comes from those hours.  It may seem like something a seat isn’t that important, but if you think that you either haven’t spent enough time behind the wheel of a tractor or you are young.

Farming is a strenous enough profession.  Why not make it more comfortable, at least?  Not to mention the investment in a good seat is an investment in you and your worker’s health.