by Ned Stoller Ned Stoller

St. John 17 is one of my favorite chapters, especially verse 3 that says “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.”  I read this today in a hurry because I got a later start on my day than planned, but this truly is the purpose and peace of life.  There is peace and joy on earth through faith in Christ!

On the farm I was always in a hurry.  It was a race hauling loads to see if I could keep ahead of the chopper.  On again off again on again off again jumping from the tractor swinging wagon tongues kicking at hitch pins and leaping back up to the seat again.  40 or 50 times per day during first cutting hay harvest or chopping corn silage.  Not only was I being unsafe and unhealthy to my knees, hips and back, but I was not thinking about what I would do if an injury did happen.  Now I think all the time about how to help people keep working after injuries happen, and wagon quick hitches are a tremendous help in that arena. 

The StaFast Hitch allows a farmer to hitch and unhitch wagons without leaving the tractor seat or lifting a heavy drawbar.  Even expert drivers don’t always get the wagon and tractor lined up right the first try so the result is a lot of climbing on and off tractors and lifting heavy wagon tongues.  When harvesting grain or chopping silage, this routine may be repeated 40 or 50 times in a day.  A regular duty automatic hitch with 7/8″ hitch pin and a heavy-duty automatic hitch with 1 1/4″ hitch pin for extra large loads are available. 

The StaFast Hitch has two parts:  a receiver on the tractor drawbar and a wagon tongue spring kit.  The receiver unit is a funnel shaped device bolted onto the tractor drawbar.  The wagon kit is a heavy-duty tension spring that holds the tongue up off the ground.  As the tractor is backed up, the receiver automatically lines up the tongue and guides it under a spring-loaded hitch pin.  The hitch pin automatically springs into the tongue when it is aligned with the drawbar.  A rope is pulled to unhitch the wagon and reset the hitch pin.

A PTO (power take off) quick hitch device allows the hitching and unhitching of feed grinders, hay mowers, hay balers, manure spreaders and other PTO-driven implements without leaving the tractor seat. The PTO shaft is heavy and awkward to connect when hitching implements to the tractor, especially for workers with arm/hand injuries, back problems or limited strength. Connecting the PTO requires simultaneous lifting of the shaft, squeezing a latch, rotating the shaft to align it and pushing the shaft forward onto the tractor spindle. The PTO quick hitch has two parts, one part fastened to the tractor three-point lift arms, the other fastened to each implement. The tractor is backed up to the implement, the three-point arms are lowered until the quick-hitch latches, then the latched implement is lifted by raising the three-point arms and is ready for operation. 

By: Ned Stoller

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