by Ned Stoller Ned Stoller

Charlie's wagon

A man and his 2 mules are making their way across the country to honor our veterans.  A Vietnam veteran himself, Charlie Peters is traveling 1,100 miles from Michigan to Oklahoma.  He thanks the veterans he meets along the way and posts about them on his Facebook page.  He chose Oklahoma as his destination, so he can visit his father’s grave which he has never been to and honor his father, a World War II veteran.  Traveling about 20 miles a day, he is currently in Arkansas and is toward the end of his journey.  He left Michigan in May.

Mr. Peters came to us to purchase a wagon tongue lift spring kit in order to take off the weight of the tongue off the mule’s necks.  We recognize the value of this trip that Charlie is taking to honor veterans, so we decided to donate the part as our way of contributing to his endeavor to give veterans the recognition they deserve.  He wrote in one post, “The mules seemed to enjoy being back on the road and the tongue lift took all the weight off their shoulders.” We are glad we could help.

wagon tongue

Thank you for your service, Charlie!

back of wagon

(Pictures taken from Charlie Peter’s Facebook page).