Sometimes that is one of the words in our vocabulary as disabled people that we deplore. If you are wheelchair bound, or are short a leg or arm, have arthritis in your knees, or just aren't strong enough to grab hold of something and pull yourself up.  Most people take this for granted, but if you are in a situation like above, then it can be greatly frustrating.


Let's look at some situations where you might have a task or job you want to do but are unable to do so because of access limitations:


Engine work


Climbing on a eighteen wheeler trailer


High shelves in your workshop/garage/workspace


High equipment such as tractors


Pickup beds


Let's look at some ways to get to where we need to go to work!




Top ten tools and equipment to help you gain access to your work environment:










Tailgate Steps












                                                                  Wheel Step










 Bed Step













Foldable topside creeper












Lift Creeper















Extra Tractor Steps











Man lift














Rolling Ladder























Deckmate trailer ladder




























Pullout Tailgate Step








So many of these areas are difficult to access if you have a disability, even one as common as a bad back. Frequently we can do the work once we get there, it's just the getting there!