by dwconsul dwconsul

In January they will need to clean snow off the roof (without being able to climb).   

In February they will need to pick oranges (without being able to carry a long ladder). 

Man raking snow off his roof from the ground level.In March they will need to strap ladders onto their truck racks (with only one hand).

In April they will need to unload mulch and stone from their pickup trucks (without twisting their back). 

In May they will need to plant the garden (without crawling).

In June they will need to climb onto a semi trailer (without bending one knee) 

In July they will work on the brakes under a logging truck on a gravel road (without the use of their left side).

 Picking up nails with a magnetic pick up tool.

In August they will hitch the hay rack to the tractor (without being able to see the wagon tongue). 

In September they will pick up a can of spilled nails (without being able to pinch 2 fingers together).  

In October they will rake leaves (holding the rake with only one arm).  

In November they will load firewood onto the ATV and haul it to the house (without bending down to pick it up). 

In December they will pound stakes to mark a foundation for pouring concrete (without moving one shoulder).