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Overcoming disability challenges when mounting and dismounting a lawn mower.

Spring is well underway and it’s time to fire up our lawn tractors and mowers for another season of lawn care. For some people, mowing the lawn may seem like just another chore that must be done. For others however, mowing the lawn provides an opportunity to perform a productive (and enjoyable) outdoor activity with a relatively small amount of manual labor. Many older people and people with mobility challenges have a desire to continue mowing their lawn, and they are still capable of operating a lawn mower IF they can safely overcome the hurdle of mounting and dismounting a lawn mower and climb into the operator’s seat.

We have compiled some simple and relatively low cost “Ability Solutions” to help you address the challenges of safely climbing onto a lawn mower that a disability or weakness in your legs or feet may present.

Ability Solution 1: Park near a raised platform.

One of the simplest ways to make it easier to climb on and off of your lawn mower is to park near a raised platform or deck. This makes the transition to the mower level instead of requiring the rider to step up onto the mower. An elevated platform, porch, or simple wooden deck provides a simple and stable way to more easily climb onto the mower.

Ability Solution 2: Add a Grab Bar and Step.

For those with weakness or loss of balance, when climbing a step (especially the high step up onto a zero turn mower) you may find that adding a support bar or grab handle will make mounting and dismounting significantly easier and safer! There are a number of simple bolt-on options available for many models of zero turn mowers. Support handles like the Donbar Support Bar are a universal fit for most zero turn mowers. Several options also exist for a bolt-on step at the front of a zero turn, reducing the height and distance of your first step when climbing onto your mower. See the following links for more options John Deer Boarding Step, Toro Handle & Step Assist, Country Clipper Mower Step.

Ability Solution 3: Install a Swivel Seat.

This option may require a little more fabrication, but it provides a great solution for people where stepping on or over the mower deck could be a trip hazard. We’ve all seen fishing boats with swivel seats, this same idea can be adapted to your lawn mower! A swivel seat will allow you to turn the seat sideways or even all the way backward and enable you to sit down without climbing over the mower deck. Once seated, simply rotate to the forward position while sitting securely on the seat. An added benefit of a swivel seat is that it helps to reduce twisting your back and neck in order to look behind the mower. Click here for more swivel seat fabrication and installation ideas.

We’re here to help you overcome disability challenges and obstacles so you can maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Our mission is to make adaptive tools readily available so people can independently perform hands-on tasks in spite of injury, aging or disabling condition. We equip active people to be productive by using tools that improve efficiency and minimize physical pain. We challenge people to use foresight, selecting the best tools for the job, so they can work longer and feel better.

April Inspiration:

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