by Ned Stoller Ned Stoller

Many of us like to think we have an “old farm truck”.  Here’s how you know you have a real farm truck – or you just like to think you do!

Top ten signs you have  a REAL old farm truck:

10.  There’s more than 1 busted bale of hay or straw in the back.
old truck
9.   The cab smells like manure

8.  You can’t find more than 4 or 5 smooth spots in the body
(top of the cab doesn’t count)

7.  It hasn’t been washed since the first Bush was president

6.  There’s more than one crack running the length of the windshield

5.  The odometer stopped working around 300,000 miles four years ago

4.  Walking in the bed without boots is an invitation for tetanus

3.  Numerous parts are held on by duct tape or baler twine

2. You have to hold the steering wheel to one side or the other to keep the wheels straight

1.  There’s at least one door, window or tailgate that needs opening with a pair of pliers

Coming from a farm, we had a succession of old farm trucks and all of them had most of these signs!  There’s something unique about an old farm truck though.  You can spot them on the road sometimes – the real ones, that is.  We’ve all probably heard someone boast about their tough “farm” truck, but the true one can be spotted anytime.  They’re not around as much as used to be with the continuing decline of the number of small farms.

old cab

In all seriousness, pickup trucks are the backbone of most tradesmen occupations – farming, construction, logging, landscaping, and many others.  We couldn’t do without them!  Many of us who don’t work in these fields have them as well – they are incredibly handy, whether you’re trying to move something or pull something, generally safer, or just plain cool lookin’!

I don’t know if you are anything like me, but it is getting harder and harder to climb up and down into the back of a truck.  Whether you’re disabled, have arthritis, or those knees don’t work so good anymore it just isn’t as easy to get in the back of your truck anymore.  Fortunately there have been some great products designed to help you in just those areas.  The bed step, truck-n-buddy, or pull out tailgate step work great!  Also, if you have to reach over the side of your truck for any number of reasons, the bed step 2 is a great elbow saver.  I’m fairly tall (6’0) but when I was still working as a large animal vet I can’t tell you the number of times I hit my elbow on the side of the truck reaching into the bed for something.  That smarts!  

Whether you’re disabled or injured or the years are marching on for you, DWT is here to help you continue to work to your full abilities.  There are so many ways to make life easier or more pain free – certainly more than even just 10 years ago.  Have an issue or a challenge or even just a question?  Let us know – we’ve got years of experience in assisting individuals to keep doing what they love.

Pickup truck bed step.