by Ned Stoller Ned Stoller

Ned Stoller, founder of Disability Work ToolsI operate a small family farm and a family owned enterprise, Foresight Services, LLC. I spend my time researching, developing and selling farm tools to give your body a break. I’ve been farming and working outdoors in all kinds of weather for 20 years and when my back starts complaining and my knees start protesting, I know there has to be an easier way to work that isn’t going to break my body.

I’ve also spent 11 years helping farmers from the Ohio River to Lake Superior figure out how they can keep doing the work they love in spite of physical disabilities. During my time doing this, I have realized that the tools I recommend and develop can help any farmer keep farming longer and with less pain.

Our bodies are not like the old tractor…there is no way to rig them back into working condition using baler twine and chewing gum. So, we have to give our bodies a break. When your muscles and joints start to ache, plan a different course of action. Try out our work tools to give your body a break before you break your body. If you’re already wore out, but sold on the idea of “dying with your boots on” then look at our products that will help you to keep working and feel better. It will save you time, medical bills and pain relievers. As workers, we are not as concerned with “getting our exercise”. We all get plenty of that. Our biggest concern is saving our energy and our body so that we are still going strong at 8 pm tonight and 50 years from now.

But none of us will live forever. Someday, each of us will die, even if we do still have our boots on doing the work we love. And when we die, we will stand before an Almighty God in heaven and answer for the deeds we have done. Maybe we have tried living our life with “no excuses”, but that great judgment day will truly be the moment of no excuses. Every single person, except Jesus Christ, ever to walk the face of the earth has sinned at one point or another. The only way to be excused for our sins, forgiven and made right before God, is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, repent for our evil ways, and live in holiness with God by the power of His Holy Spirit. Please call me today to learn more about the eternal Hope and Joy found only in Christ Jesus.