by Ned Stoller Ned Stoller


Spring is here and gardens are ready to be turned over in preparation for planting.  Many people use a standard rototiller to complete this task but requires a lot of physical labor.  I submit to you the use of an ATV cultivator and lightweight electric cultivators are a great combination to work your soil this spring.

Running a standard walk behind rototiller can be a tiresome, exhausting task, especially if you are breaking ground or tilling soil that is an overgrown garden.  Front tine tillers can be especially difficult to use.

Top 10 Gas Rototillers 2021Folks with disabilities can struggle greatly with tilling with a standard rototiller.

Carpal tunnel, Back Pain, Hand Injury, Total Hip Replacement, Total Knee Replacement, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Muscular Dystrophy, Neuropathy, Shoulder Replacement, Stroke, Degenerative Joint Disease are all disabilities which make tilling hard.



Face it, these tilling alternatives are just plain hard to use for those of us with any of these disabilities.







A Tow Behind Rototiller is a great tool, but also very expensive – almost $2,000!  Not everyone can afford this kind of implement, which also takes extra maintenance since it is gas-engine driven.




The ATV cultivator is an economical  alternative for those who already have a ATV or UTV.  These usually run around $200.




The cultivator can break up most soils (even sod) if used properly.  It also does a great job of tilling up soil from last year’s garden!






See our video review of the cultivator:  Cultivator Review

This ground, however, still isn’t quite ready for planting.




The use of the Electric Cultivator was used for the final pass to get the ground ready for final use.

Electric cultivators still require some physical labor, but it can be much easier than a standard rototiller.







Electric cultivator used to till cultivated ground.






Final Economics:


Electric Cultivator:  $183

ATV Cultivator:  $199

Hitch Adapter:  $169

Final Cost:  $551

Alternatives to this include a tow-behind tiller ($1660), a rear tine tiller ($860), or a front tine tiller ($360).

Overall, the ATV cultivator and Electric Cultivator are a great alternative to the expensive Tow Behind Tiller, the front or rear tine cultivators, turning soil by hand, or not having a garden at all!


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