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Specific Attention

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18+ years

of Research & Development

Hand Control Lever – Tractors & Machinery

Hand Control Lever can be attached to brake or clutch pedal. THIS IS A STRAIGHT LEVER AND MUST BE SHAPED BY THE CUSTOMER OR LOCAL MECHANIC.


Hand Control Levers allow workers with lower extremity impairments to control equipment foot pedals (such as brakes and clutch) by hand. This item is a straight bar when delivered and must be heated and shaped by the purchaser or a local mechanic.  Most brakes and clutches are controlled by foot pedals, preventing workers with lower extremity impairments to operate the equipment. Hand Control Levers are bolted onto foot pedals of farm tractors, excavating equipment, construction equipment, utility tractors, utility vehicles, ATV’s and lawnmowers.

Hand Control Levers have two parts: a socket that bolts onto the equipment pedal, and a straight hand lever that slides in and out of the socket as needed. The levers are straight when delivered, and usually need to be heated and shaped for the specific worker and equipment during installation.




Workers with common conditions such as these would benefit from a Hand Control Lever.

Ankle Pain

Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Diabetes/Diabetic Neuropathy

Foot Pain

Heel Spurs

Hip Pain

Knee Pain

Leg Amputation

Lower Extremity Impairments




Prosthetic Limb


Replaced Joints – Arthroplasty


Traumatic Brain Injury

Rheumatoid Arthritis



Hand Control Levers require two steps for installation. The levers are delivered un-bent (straight) with a bolt-on socket. There is seldom need for permanent modification to the foot pedal. The levers often need shaped for convenience of use by specific equipment operators.

The solid steel bar is 36″ long and 3/4″ in diameter.


First, the socket clamps onto the shank of the foot pedals with four bolts. You will need a 7/16″ wrench to do this.  The lever then slides into the socket and is secured with a set screw if desired. The lever can be easily removed from the socket for operators using the foot pedals. Removing the lever also opens more space for accessing the seat.


Second, the straight lever USUALLY needs to be shaped specifically for the operator and machine it will be used on.  Hand Control Levers must be easily pushed or pulled by the operator without bumping the steering wheel or other objects.  To shape the lever, have the operator sit in the seat and grasp the Lever.  Mark where bends are needed, and shape the lever by heating heating with a torch and bending.  After the lever is cooled, slide it back into the socket and make sure the operator can comfortably reach the lever and move it without interference.


The hand levers should be installed so that pulling the clutch lever disengages the clutch. The levers should be heated and shaped to maximize the ease with which the worker can reach and operate the levers.