We know there is still plenty of winter to come, but we thought now would be a good time to talk about some solutions to getting onto a lawn mowing when the user has a leg disability. We meet and talk with several people each year who want to keep doing their own lawn mowing, but have difficulty getting onto the mower, or operating the foot pedals. Read on to see of the solutions we have suggested over the years. 

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Old is New

A billboard along the highway caught my attention this past week. I think it was for a furniture store or antique store. It was the tagline that caught my attention. It read, "Old is New" 

Old Farmer with New Case IH 886 Steps

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Not So Lazy Days of Summer

The work of a farmer is never over, but there are certainly seasons that are more or less busy. Now that the frenzy of preparing soil and planting is behind us, the month of July can allow just a little bit of a breather while we wait and pray for a good harvest.
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DisabilityWorkTools is committed to having professional staff in the field of assistive technology.  Ned Stoller, the owner of DisabilityWorkTools is a certified Assistive Technology Professional through RESNA, and has a B.S. degree in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Purdue University.

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