Loves His Power Horse

Great feedback on the versatile power horse!

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A Shovel, Two Buckets and a Broken Leg

Farming on crutches.A slip on the wet ladder as he climbed with one arm loaded sent him plunging to the ground.  The young farmer’s head narrowly missed hitting an auger, but his leg was badly broken.  Now there is the problem of...

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The 12 Months of 2015

What will life be like for workers with disabilities in 2015?  If they can do all this work, so can you!  How do you finish these tasks?  

In January, they will need to clean snow off the roof (without being able to climb).  In February, they will need to...

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Worker struggling to slide open a barn door.This article will explore the use of powered door operators to make equipment or “garage” entrances to work places and outbuildings accessible to people with disabilities.  There is no reason a person who can enter and exit their home with ease should be shut out of the workshop. 

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