DisabilityWorkTools is committed to having professional staff in the field of assistive technology.  Ned Stoller, the owner of DisabilityWorkTools is a certified Assistive Technology Professional through RESNA, and has a B.S. degree in Agricultural and Biological Engineering from Purdue University.

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Carpal Tunnel AT Work


Squeeze. Twist. Shake. Repeat.  Squeeze. Twist. Shake. Repeat.  Now what, pain and numbness you say?  The median nerve that controls a workers hand passes through a narrow tunnel in the wrist formed by bones and the carpal ligament.  High-force squeezing, sharply twisted wrists and vibrations of the hands irritate this median nerve inside the carpal tunnel.  Repeating these irritating motions can permanently restrict the carpal tunnel.  This is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome resulting in the disabling symptoms of numbness and pain.  There are practical techniques to reduce irritating motions without stopping the work.Stake and Punch Driver

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Folding Ladders Keep Workers Climbing

A worker cannot climb onto a tractor because the first step is so high from the ground.Can you lift a leg high enough to step up onto a bar stool?  Skilled tradesmen are forced to do that each time they climb onto heavy machinery.  Powerful machinery saves labor and allows skilled trade workers to complete difficult tasks safely and efficiently.  Workers with disabling illness or injury need these machines more than ever, but struggle to access the operator station.  We will discuss how skilled tradesmen use heavy machinery and the typical methods to climb into the operator station.  With custom designed folding ladders, skilled workers with disabling illness or injury can safely climb to the operator’s station and continue their careers.

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You Have Options!

Manlift mounted on pickup truck extended 12 feet high and 14 feet to the side so a worker who cannot climb can access large equipment and tall places.You have options.


You never expected your life activities to be so limited by injury, illness, aging - constant pain.  You might feel trapped.  You might feel like you can’t do anything.  You might think that your future is now a closed door.  Your mind might feel like a foggy cloud without a thought of what could be.

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