Not So Lazy Days of Summer

The work of a farmer is never over, but there are certainly seasons that are more or less busy. Now that the frenzy of preparing soil and planting is behind us, the month of July can allow just a little bit of a breather while we wait and pray for a good harvest.
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Disability is:

Disability Is


Disability is:

  • ·        A condition (such as an illness, injury or something you were born with) that hinders or limits a person's physical, mental or spiritual abilities
  • ·        The condition of being unable to do some things in a ‘normal’ way.
  • ·        Something we might need to accept as a permanent condition
  • ·        Sometimes partial and sometimes total
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You Have Options!

Manlift mounted on pickup truck extended 12 feet high and 14 feet to the side so a worker who cannot climb can access large equipment and tall places.You have options.


You never expected your life activities to be so limited by injury, illness, aging - constant pain.  You might feel trapped.  You might feel like you can’t do anything.  You might think that your future is now a closed door.  Your mind might feel like a foggy cloud without a thought of what could be.

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Ladder on semi truck trailer so workers can climb easier.

Is it reasonable for a person with severe visual impairments to operate high-tolerance machines to manufacture parts with a lathe and mill?  Would that be a good recommendation?


Skilled tradesmen with disabling conditions can search for the best and worst trades for their specific abilities.  The O*NET program is the nation's primary source of occupational information. Central to the project is the O*NET database, containing information on hundreds of standardized and occupation-specific descriptors.

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