Loves His Power Horse

Great feedback on the versatile power horse!

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Custom Assistive Technology

Worker using a toggle switch to lower the lift seat on an electric powered lift creeper while working in his workshop.Could you build me a ___________? Custom Assistive Technology is an idea built to your specifications for individual workers! Have you dreamed of a product 'If only I could have a ..." ???

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Get the MOST Out of Your CabCam

CabCamPreparing equipment for planting is in full swing in some parts of the country, and planting is going on in many other states.  Let's take a look at a piece of equipment than can make your job much easier if you have any of these impairments:

Visual impairment – It can be used effectively by workers with one eye.

Injured back or stiff neck – use it to see behind the cab without twisting your back.

Knee or hip arthritis, paralysis and mobility impairments – use it instead of climbing.

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Tractor Seats

Spring again.  Renewal.  Winter is going away, washed away by rains.  Farmers are looking out at their fields, debating how soon they can get out and start working.  Long hours spent in the cab.  Bouncing up and down over all sorts of terrain. Do you remember the old tractor seats?  Maybe you still have one.Old Tractor

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